for Kiboni

_ briefing
A champagne stopper totally closed by all around. So far so good, but our client owns a stopper system patented and tested for decades ... And we will use it!
This way the new product will reach customers with full confidence that it works and it is reliable.
_ concept
To fit the bottle lips and aperture we will have to do it through two separate pieces, the first will be the actuator one and the second will be the closing one. We want the entire perimeter to have a smooth, simple and nice touch revolution profile. Thus we will see the same silhouette from any angle, in the same way as it happens with the bottle itself.
_ product
Widget is small but incorporates many innovations. Both the adaptation for the customer's patented system and stop lips in case the internal pressure rises are in the actuator part. If the closing piece would open, Widget continues working.
It can be operated without problems with just one hand and closes automatically even if you do it on the fly without bottle. The parallel rails introduced to the closing piece push inside the inner mechanism and ... Clap!
We did not imagine that a stopper for champange would give so much ground.
A team of young and passionate designers with inquisitive, solution-oriented minds. Their love for creating an extra "portion" of functionality shines through in the one-hand opening and closing system of the WIDGET. It was definitively an enriching experience which I am sure we will repeat.
Kishwar Zuberi, Managing Director of Kiboni