happy cheesy
happy cheesy
_ briefing
Our client, children. Happy cheesy project arised within our studio as an observation to our own daily lives. During breakfast or as a snack, our children are eager consumer of cheese triangles. They have trouble unwrapping the triangles, keeping their hands clean and having fun while eating.

_ concept
Unwrap, eat, enjoy! Food industry usually sells cheese triangles with the same kind of packaging. Even though it protects perfectly the food, unwrapping it is unpractical. We designed an amusing product that will help in the eating process, is adaptable to any kind of portion, and at the same time could be part of the children's collective imagination.
_ product
Happy cheesy is the first product on the market that has been especially designed to enjoy eating triangle cheese in an easy, clean way. It's the perfect pretext to have fun while eating cheese, anytime and anywhere.

It offers a perfect way to unwrap and support the cheese, and your hands won't get in contact with it. It's easy to clean and can be used again and again. It also boosts the imagination of the little ones as they play with it. Where should we keep it? In the kitchen or in the playroom?