Screen Shelf
for Bobino
Screen Shelf
for Bobino
_ briefing
Reflection was born from observation. Every day, the technological revolution proposes new and interesting products that we incorporate in our lives without hesitation. But it also leaves behind practical collateral functions that we used to live with. They were useful and we liked them. Why don't we get them back?
_ concept
The starting point for developing this concept was the place where we spend most of our time staring: the flat screen!
Screens, as a part of "natural" evolution, are supposed to become the flattest, the better, so we asked ourselves: how could we take back the space that we lost? We wanted back that useful space that we used to have on top of old computer screens and TVs. Who hasn't put something iconic on them?
So we decided to design a space on top of flat screens!
_ product
This became a product that fit in our client's catalogue and philosophy. It helped find a place for valuable objects, those that we want to always have near us during the long hours we spend in front of a screen. Screen Shelf is like an altar. This product is meant for those things you always want to have in sight: a photo, a memento, a figure, or even a simple calendar. Once again, the top of your screen will be the most important place on your desk.
First and foremost they are good and professional designers.
David and Marc make our team feel important because they care about our business and our relationship, creating a nice environment for working together.
They are proactive enough to keep us on track and pay attention to the small details that make a difference. After collaborating successfully on this project, we have continued working together in a very good way.
Henry Sanderson, CEO of Bobino